First Time Auditions

7 Tips For First Time Auditions

Here are 7 Tips for First Time Auditions:

1. Never pay to audition for a role. Yes, you will have expenses as the parent of an aspiring actor. And yes, sometimes these expenses may add up. However, if someone is looking to “hire you as an actor on their project”…YOU should never PAY them. 

2. Educate yourself about the industry. This seems obvious, but it is a topic often overlooked by actors. The more “good info” you have about first time auditions and the entertainment industry in general, the better your chances are of finding the right acting audition.

3. Train with the right people. There are lots of different coaches out there. Be sure to do your research, and find a coach who specifically focuses on acting for the camera, and audition technique.

4. When looking for First Time Auditions, focus on credible sources to attain your audition. There are some specific websites that are not only reputable, but also industry standard. See the "links" section on our site for details.

5. Understand that THE MORE YOU AUDITION, THE BETTER YOU WILL GET! So don’t beat yourself up because you laid an egg with your first time auditions. 

6. Bring YOURSELF to the audition. In the world of First Time Auditions, industry pros are not looking for you to “pretend” to be the character. They want you to BE A THE CHARACTER! Never forget that.

7. Never forget to have FUN! More times than not, actors forget to genuinely have fun during the audition. Always remember, if you’re having fun while auditioning…they will have fun watching you!